Friday, May 4

Monday, April 30

Great Tie Alert

Well played, Lee Hazlewood!

Wednesday, April 25

A History of Men's Hairstyles, starring Robert Redford

1847 (Jeremiah Johnson)
1900 (Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid)

1909 (Tell Them Willie Boy is Here)

1945 (The Way We Were)
It's amazing how men of these time periods had the same hairstyles as men from the 1970s!

Friday, April 20

Friday, March 23

The Architects of Blah

I can't afford to buy a condo in my neighborhood (or anywhere), but that doesn't stop me from idly, and regularly, checking the Redfin listings in my area zip codes.  I have a few pet buildings where I'd like to live, but since the Seattle market is still in the doldrums, there's not a lot of stuff coming onto the market.  Expanding my circuit a little more, I found this uninspiring place today.

It's dull but serviceable on the outside, but the thing that really kills it for me is this half-hearted attempt to put in a jazzy window.  It's a dumb, pointless octagon, and then it has a dull, dull square mini-blind to cover it.  They should have at least just made it some ersatz stained-glass thing, since it's so pointless as a window.  Or better yet, this window should have been allowed to be its real self--a rectangle.

Thursday, January 5