Wednesday, November 18

Supplemental M*A*S*H post

These terrible-looking books were a common sight on drugstore paperback spinner racks in the 70s:
These titles beg the questions: How does "M*A*S*H" get to all these fun places, and does it have to go back to Korea afterward?


  1. Wow! That makes NO sense! :D

    I love how Hawkeye is being so cliche-ly "Hawkeye" in all the drawings, with his insouciant slouch and his trademark martini. He'd be a great Halloween costume, now that I think of it. Especially for 2 guys--the other guy could be Beej or Trapper John, depending on his height...

  2. After I posted, I read that these novels are actually set in the 70s, so I assume they're just having drunken get-togethers all over the world, since they're wealthy doctors (I assume). But why are they wearing their combat fatigues????

  3. still makes no sense!

    Hooker and Butterworth had a good franchise going there.

  4. Did either of you even watch Trapper John, MD? It was so confusing how they didn't even attempt to find an actor who looked like the original, or even remotely seem like the same character. Or was I just confused because I was a kid, and he looked like a bald, bearded old man?

  5. Now that I've read your older post, my comment looks kind of dumb. But at least I see that we're in agreement.

  6. I find your comments very validating, Stephanie! It was sooo confusing...but as a kid, you're so used to lots of things not making sense, that you tell yourself, "...there must be some way this makes sense that I'm not getting."