Wednesday, December 30

Part Two! Movies Foulard saw in their initial theatrical runs, 30 years ago

A TV-movie dressed up as a real film. That didn't stop me from seeing it (twice?).

More quality. With Mickey Rooney!

Quality again. Funny, if maybe a little over-rated.
Then Peter Sellers made Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen, and died.

Topical! Cheesy!

As you may have noticed, I was pretty omnivorous in my tastes--especially if something had a vaguely science fictional element, and was rated PG--R-rated films were a bit trickier!


  1. The only one I saw of these was "Being There"....loved it!

  2. Yes, it *was* good! Incidentally, I made a boo-boo--it was The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu that Peter Sellers did as his unfortunately-last movie...

  3. Wasn't Truman Capote in that, too? "The Fiendish Plot," that is.

    I saw The In-Laws as part of a double feature (remember those?) at the Northgate Theatre (remember that?) with my dad when it came out; if I try really hard I might be able to remember the other half of the bill. It was a big, big deal to see a movie in a theatre when I was a kid... just something we rarely did.

  4. B-d'oh! I was thinking of Murder by Death, another, earlier sucky movie:

    He also appeared as a Truman Capote lookalike in Annie Hall. Ain't that clever!?

  5. Truman Capote, that is.

    Not used to commenting on blogs

  6. Yep, he was Lionel Twain in Murder by Death (address: Two Two Twain). And P. Sellers played 'Sidney Wang'.

    But who was in Charlie Chan & the C.o.t.D.Q.? I'm going to look it up now. Ah! It was Peter Ustinov, who had already played mock-chinese in One of Our Dinosaurs in Missing...

    It's too bad your family didn't do movies that much when you were a kid :(--that was one of the few fun diversions available at that age (in that time period).