Friday, May 20

Don't let Monstro-Reagan kill me!

You know what kids love?  Really cheap computer animation, especially if it's confusedly espousing a mean-spirited political philosophy!

This is from a conservo-educational series of cartoons about a group of multi-ethnic kids traveling back in time to all the important events in the history of the U.S.A.  And what's one of the most important events of history, in a totally-not-bad-way?  The election of Ronald Reagan:

Savor the ugly animation, the stiff and didactic narration, and the bizarre image of a black girl talking about her grandparents watching (and apparently enjoying) Ronald Reagan movies (though she's never heard of him being president?)!  Enjoy the amateurish voices (especially the 'country boy' in overalls)!  Imagine what kind of weirdos felt driven to produce this, and why they though anyone could watch it seriously!  At least it's shorter than Christmas With a Capital C...

1 comment:

  1. Ugly animation, but such loving attention to everyone's teeth! I expect Reagan's mouth and fortified cheekbones to creep into my nightmares...