Wednesday, June 15

A Date with a Puppet

Beebo and I are watching the current season of our 'bad' reality TV show, The Bachelor, which is in one of its Bachelorette seasons.  The current' B'ette, Ashley the dental student, has to choose between the usual gallery of aspirant doofuses.  One of them is a guy named Ames, who looks like a Gerry Anderson TV marionette from the sixties:
To our surprise, he seems to be an intelligent guy, and more normal and even eloquent than most of the dudes in the house this season.  Wonder how long he'll last?

1 comment:

  1. What really made me take a second look at Ames was when they were kayaking in those narrow passages and Ames said something about "I doubt this canal will afford us space to pass" and I thought, "Holy cow! That was a usage of the word 'afford' which I doubt most of these other guys know!"

    And I loved when Ashley mentioned the nerd corner of her closet and Ames said that his whole apartment is "the nerd corner."

    I give him one more episode!

    Oh, Bentley, Bentley...DOT DOT DOT.