Monday, February 8

The Great Taste of Convenience

Our local grocery store has (for the moment) an international foods section. The most interesting part (to me) is the British foods. I'm fascinated by things like HP Sauce, digestive biscuits, salad cream, and Spotted Dick. Last week, Beebo picked up some Bisto Favourite Gravy Granules, a truly weird product that made me a bit apprehensive at first.

The package we got (a sort of cardboard can) says "Aah! Wednesday", which is apparently part of some Bisto re-branding to "inspire more families to eat together on weekdays, not just Sundays", apparently by consuming a lot of sodium. Bisto has been around in England in various forms since 1908, and the granules were introduced in 1979.

The gravy 'granules' were pretty unappetizing looking in their dehydrated state, but Sunday I got suddenly hungry and was scanning the kitchen for something to eat. Beebo had also gotten a bag of frozen french fries, so I was able to have a snack I like, fries with gravy, which is a sort of casual version of poutine. You make Bisto 'gravy' by mixing a cup of hot water with four teaspoons of granules, and surprisingly, it made a pretty decent-looking gravy. I was quite pleased with my snack!


  1. I'm glad you blogged about Bisto!

    And I'm glad you got hungry enough to try eating Bisto. :P

  2. I'm sure I ate my Bisto correctly, since I was eating by myself at the time (while you were at the grocer shopping for Sunday Dinner), but it was just what I was looking for!

  3. Call me cynical, but I don't think the makers of Bisto truly care about family togetherness. You ate and enjoyed Bisto--that should make 'em happy!

    Hence their new marketing slogan: "Die alone and lonely in the gutter--but before you throw off this mortal coil, let your last taste sensation be BISTO!"