Monday, March 29


While on vacation in Alabama, we stopped a couple of times at Target ™ stores. For most people, this is a pretty mundane experience, but since we live in the heart of the city and don't have a car, it was a treat for us. I got a pretty major clothing score from Target's new line, Liberty of London. They've licensed some pretty far-out patterns from this famous British store and produced tham at Target prices (i.e. cheap!).
At first, I was fairly amazed to see such bold, flowery designs at such a major discount chain, but apparently, the clothes have been selling out in the first day in places like Manhattan and San Francisco. Fortunately for us, we were shopping in Alabama (Mobile and Foley, to be precise)! So I had the pick of the line. I bought three ties ($17.99 each), three pairs of boxers ($5.99 each), and a really suave fitted dress shirt ($19.99). At the kind of stores I usually have access to in the city, these items will usually cost about three times that amount. (Or even more at the real Liberty of London). Everything I got had a sort of sixties-hipster British psychedelic look, which makes me think of the Beatles' PR man, Derek Taylor, one of my role models of coolness.

My enthusiasm for the patterns may have also been influenced by seeing Elvis' sartorial splendor at Graceland a couple of days earlier.

The prices and the quality of the stuff really points out the big lie that clothes have to be expensive to be good. Hurray for style democracy!

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