Monday, May 10

It's a Mission: Impossible kind of day

Photos lifted from the DVD Beaver website.

Today I dressed for work in all black & gray, since I wasn't really in the mood to come in, but also because I was thinking about on of my favorite TV shows, the original Mission: Impossible. The third scene of the show (after the taped message and the picking of photos from the IMF dossier) was a gathering of all the agents in Jim Phelps' (Peter Graves) apartment. His place had a near-total black & white color scheme, and the Impossible Mission Force folks always dressed in black, white, and gray for this scene, which gives it a sort of pre-color Wizard of Oz feel, to indicate that the real action isn't happening yet.

When Beebo and I got married, we both wore black and white to the judges' chambers. I'm sure I was semi-consciously thinking of the M:I color scheme when we coordinated, though I'm not sure I told Beebo, since she hadn't seen the show yet.


  1. Hey, yeah! I even had white nails and a black dress. Did I have white flowers too, I can't remember...?

    Cinnamon in that photo above is reminding me that I need to get a large brooch to wear near the shoulder of my 60s style dresses.

  2. This explains a lot about our marriage. Like the time that I found out that you *weren't* really the President of Fakelandia, but you were actually Martin Landau underneath that fake accent and mask. I just went with it, since I like Martin Landau.

  3. You need a brooch that disrupts video signals, transmits audio to Willy in the van, or makes you win at roulette...