Monday, July 5

I'm Old Fashioned

Took a trip out to the suburbs today and picked up a few things for the apartment. A bamboo clothes hamper (not pictured), four single old fashioned glasses (see photo) from Target, and a new lemon zester (see results in photo). My old zester made only tiny 1/8 inch zests, and I wanted the big, bold kind I see in cocktail lounges. I found a new one with a nice big cutting groove in it et voila!
Th size of the glasses was also important--I was tired of having my Sazeracs and Old Fashioneds (pictured) dwarfed by the large glasses I had. This little set ($8.00) was just the thing.


  1. How is the zester different from just using a vegetable peeler? I have one of those little ones like you described but not a big one.

  2. The zester makes a narrower, deeper, more controlled cut. A vegetable peeler is just for getting the skin off to throw it out. There's also something called a channel knife, where the peely part goes in a different direction. I haven't used one of those.

    The zester we got was just four bucks. You should get one if you don't have one already!