Monday, August 24

Deebo's ice packs = Meth lab

As you may know, Deebo the cat enjoys laying on a nice cool ice pack on a hot summer day when it gets above 85 degrees in the apartment. He's one cool little cucumber as long as he has something chilly to lay on.Now the meth-heads (you know who you are!) are threatening to take that away from him:

An Indiana prosecutor is warning retailers about a new way meth makers are making the drug.

Instant cold packs*, used to treat sprains and other injuries, contain an ingredient that can be used as a substitute for anhydrous ammonia.

This new method is quicker and does not produce the chemical smell found with ammonia-based methods.

The prosecutor out of Gibson County recommends retailers move ice packs behind the counter and monitor their sales.

Great! Now every summer when I want to cool down the kitty, I have to prove to a pharmacist that I'm not a whacked-out hillbilly!

*Once again, I seem to have gotten cornfused about a technical detail--this article actually seems to refer to instant ice packs, not the kind that you conventionally get cold in the freezer. Thanks, Beebo!


  1. "one cool little cucumber"--cute!!

    It says "instant" cold packs, so maybe Deebo's packs are safe? The instant ones might be the ones that you just snap to use (instead of freezing). Maybe the 2 kinds have different ingredients...?

    I'm not sure, tho...

  2. Oh yeah, that makes sense. But what will I do with my aimless sense of outrage?